How To Make DIY LED Light Colors

LED lights are not that costly but the colored ones or even the colored LED strips are quite costly. The 5-foot long LED strips on amazon cost around $ 30 which can be a bit unreasonable compared to white LEDs. It might even make you wonder, how much can a bit of color cost that they are charging like this?

Well, the better alternative would be to make your own colored LED lights. Most people don’t know how to make DIY LED light colors, so we have written a detailed article that will help you to make colored LED lights right at home! We will also give you tips on how to make specific colors using your remote and LED light strips.

How To Make DIY LED Light Colors

Things You’ll Need

To make DIY LED lights you will need the right tools and materials. Most of the stuff you will need will be in your local electronics store but if you want you can definitely order all the stuff you need from amazon. So, get ready and note down the things you will be needing to make DIY LED lights. We will show you 3 ways to make DIY LED lights but the third technique uses LED light strips for those of you who want to make specific colors only.

Here Is A List If You Are Trying Technique 1:

  • 5mm LED lights
  • Fine Sandpaper (Try to get the ones between 200-400) 
  • Colored markers (All the colors you want your LED lights to be)

That’s it! That’s all you will need for technique 1.

Here Is A List If You Are Trying Technique 2:

  • 5mm LED lights
  • Transparent tape
  • Colored markers

And that’s about everything you will need for technique 2.

For The Technique 3 You Will Need:

  • LED light strips
  • Remote control
  • Stable power source

And that’s about all you will need for the third technique.

Required Materials & Tools

For our purpose we used 5mm LED bulbs, we bought 100 white LEDs from amazon for just $7 with shipping! If you have a store nearby that sells 5mm, go for it! For the first technique, we will use a 240 fine sandpaper to diffuse the LEDs.

Just make sure you get a paper between 200 and 400. For the second technique, you will need to get a roll of transparent tape on which you will color the LEDs. And for both the techniques we are going to use color markers.

5mm led

3 Different Technique On How To Make DIY LED Light Colors

Before we get into the process, make sure the LED prongs are disconnected from the electricity source. Safety first!

Simply turn the power button off and disconnect the prongs from the socket and you should be good to go. Once the LEDs are unplugged and you are out of any sort of hazardous situation, it’s time to get started with the whole process of how to make DIY LED light colored.

Technique 1

Step 1: Diffusing A LED

Get as many LEDs as you want and start diffusing them with sandpaper. Don’t be too harsh with them, you don’t want to damage the core of the LED while you are sanding it. This step will remove the smooth surface of the LED and give it a harsh surface to paint on.

Step 2: Color The LED

This step seems easy but it took us the most time to get it right. Just take the color markers and paint over the LEDs you have been sanding. Make sure you paint the entire LED, including the base of the LED. After it dries a bit, connect each one to the power source and check if there is any spot left to be painted. If there is, paint over it and you may want to double coat some of the lighter colors to make sure they look good in the dark.

Technique 2

Step 1: Using Transparent Tape

This is a much simpler technique where you won’t need to sand the LEDs. Just get a bit of transparent tape and tape all over your LEDs. Make sure you cover all the spots with tape!

Step 2: Coloring The LEDs

Just color over the tape and let the LEDs dry up. After it dries, connect it to a power source and check if there is any leakage of white light. If there is, then apply a bit of tape and color over the tape again.

Technique 3

Step 1: Set Up The LED Light Strips

The LED strips you bought should have some adhesive on the back and setting up the strip should be as easy as using tape. But the tricky part of LED strips is getting the right color.

Step 2: Using The Remote To Get The Right Color

The 40 buttons on the LED strip remote can seem a bit intimidating at first but once you get used to it you will definitely fall in love with the LED strip. All you need to know is that there are 3 down arrows and pressing them for 20 seconds each will turn off all the colors. When the colors are turned off you can use the up arrows and adjust the strip to any color you want.

led light remote

Finished Result

In the first two techniques, the LEDs colors are fixed and if you want a different color you will need to use new LEDs. But these two techniques are cheaper than the third one. On the other hand, the third technique is pretty easy to set up and changing the color is just a click away.

So, as you can see the whole process of how to make DIY LED light colors isn’t actually that difficult and we can wrap it up by decorating your room just the way you want.


You can easily decorate your room however you want with the colored LEDs. LEDs are an affordable way to change the look of your room.


Here are a few tips on how to make DIY LED light colors:

  1. Make sure you sand the base or else you won’t be able to color the bottom of the LED
  2. Make sure you apply tape everywhere on the LED if you are using technique 2
  3. Double check every LED after you have colored them to make sure there is paint on all the spots.
  4. Double coat the lighter colors as they don’t set in easily on the LEDs.


You should be aware of a few additional warnings as well. Firstly, make sure the LEDs are unplugged from any power source. Safety should always be the top priority. Secondly, don’t sand the LED bulbs too harshly as it might damage the bulb. Thirdly, make sure you don’t hurt your fingers on the LED prongs. Lastly, don’t press down on the LEDs too hard as they might burst.

unplug the power

Frequently Asked Question

How do you mix DIY LED colors?

To mix LED colors all you have to do is google the base RGB colors and double coat the LED with the base colors. Mixing color is easy, for example, mix blue and green to make a teal color, or mix red and blue to make a hot pink!

How do you make LED lights Lavender?

To make your LED lights Lavender, dim down the strip with your remote. Then press blue nine times and press red fifteen times. That should do the trick.

How do you make purple LED lights?

To make your LED lights purple, dim down the strip with your remote. Then press blue twenty times and press red fifteen times. That should make the strip purple!

How do you make peach color with LED?

To make your LED lights peach, dim down the strip with your remote. Then turn red all the way up and then press green seven times.

How do you make hot pink LED lights?

To make your LED lights hot pink, dim down the strip with your remote. Then turn red all the way up and then press blue twice.


We provided a detailed overview of three techniques on how to make DIY LED light colors, and now it should be easy for you. We hope this article has helped you figure out how to make LED lights at home or how to get specific colors on your light strips. If you have any questions, please feel free to write that in the comment section below. Also, you can read our other articles where we talk about everything related to light. We wish you a happy and healthy life.

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